Less Than truck load

Partial or Less than truck load (PTL) shipment means your load takes space for a section truck. Many different shipments are kept together in a truck and transported to other shipment locations or logistics centers. In a part-load booking facility, you need not pay the charges for the Part-truck load. You will pay only for your load capacity.

We often see that the manufacturers or the wholesalers getting cheated by their transportation service provider due to the high cost of transportation of the part loads. But we, at Roadtrans, make sure that you’re charged reasonably for paying only what you receive through our part load transport service in India. We believe in transporting our customer’s consignment to the right destination, to the right person, at the right time, at the right price. Our management team takes complete responsibility for the safe and timely delivery of all your part load shipments.

Minimizes costs

Less than truck service is cost effective because you have to pay only for your load space

Reduces emissions

More than 1 companies shipment goes in a single truck it reduces carbon emission

reduces risks

For small shipment is low risky it takes less support equipment and easy to maintain

Less Than Truck Load


Truck goes in multiple location for every shipment and change the truck when its need


In less than truck load transportation cost reduces and it takes less documentation in shipment


Easy to customize your shipment cost according to your shipment requirements

Why Choose Us for less than truck load shipment

How we provide top class transportation and logistic service in minimum cost and with 100% efficiency

We are providing 24 hours costumer for better communication 

You can track your shipment in real time from our site or call us anytime 24 x 7

We are known for providing on-time shipment with 100% accuracy

We aim to provide our best class logistic service in low cost and high accuracy